NanoTemper’s mission is to create biophysical tools for scientists to tackle their challenging characterizations

We’re a passionate team

Stefan Duhr and Philipp Baaske

Stefan Duhr and Philipp Baaske set out to build a company to address challenges researchers were facing with the ultimate goal of helping to move science forward.

NanoTemper was started in 2008 after Stefan and Philipp met at Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich. At the time, the effect of thermophoresis was not known within the Life Sciences community, but Stefan and Philipp knew that it was important. Realizing the shortcomings of current protein research techniques, they came up with a method, MicroScale Thermophoresis that was enormously sensitive, and would bring researchers one step closer to developing better drugs faster.

Representation in 13 countries, Over 25 languages spoken

Now, NanoTemper has over 150 employees with representation in 13 countries around the world including Germany, UK, Poland, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, France, USA, Brazil, Russia, China, and India.

We’re scientists ourselves

Mainly made of scientists, NanoTemper believes in collaboration, placing customers first, and the belief that there’s always a solution to every problem.

Upholding our values is important to us

Our work creates a thriving and exciting culture—one that we all look forward to every day.


Work as one team
We spend majority of our day at work with our colleagues so it’s important that we help and support each other always. Trusting and treating each other with respect is essential to a happy workplace while we strive to reach our common goals.

Be passionate in what you do
Positivity is contagious — that plus aiming high is why we’ve accomplished so much as a team. We’re all about celebrating the wins whether big or small because we know our hard efforts and quality work all contribute to the success of our company.

Stay open-minded
Taking risks is in our DNA and we know that pushing the limits isn’t always going to be easy. If we keep an open mind, there’s no doubt that we’ll keep learning, growing, and improving professionally as well as personally.

Keep users and customers in mind
Nurturing long lasting relationships with our customers is at the center of what we do. We’re always willing to go the extra mile to make sure we’re enabling our customers to reach their goals.

Embrace our diversity
We’ve all had different experiences and come from various backgrounds which is why we have such a great time when we work together. Everyone’s opinion counts and amazing things happen when we listen to each other.

Help create a world where every disease is treatable

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