Dianthus NT.23


Dianthus NT.23Pico

Super sensitive

Dianthus NT.23PicoDuo

Top notch

Detected molecule range

Molecular weight: 101-107 Daltons
Size: 0.1 nm – 1 µm

Minimum sample volume

20 µL

Affinity range

nM to mM

pM to mM


384-well plate (barcoded and sealable)

Fluorescent channels

1 (Red)

1 (Pico red)

2 (Pico red)

Temperature control



60 cm W x 40 cm H x 55 cm D

Dianthus NT.23

Dianthus NT.23Pico

Dianthus NT.23PicoDuo


Option to integrate with liquid handlers and robotics

Walk-away time
(using 50-plate feeder)

50 hrs

25 hrs

Compounds tested in 24 h
single-dose in duplicate



Kds measured in 24 h
12-pt dilution series



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