When you’re developing a gene therapy vector, you need data that gives you confidence in its serotype, that you’ve chosen the most optimal formulation conditions, that your preparation is pure, and that you know how much genetic material it carries.

And because vector production is a low-yield and expensive process, you’re faced with getting all of this data without much sample.

Prometheus Panta gives you detailed information about your vectors without wasting material. Its clear-cut, easy-to-interpret stability and characterization results help you truly understand your AAV.

Prometheus Panta gives you the information you need to profile your gene therapy vectors

Prometheus Panta for gene therapy

Save sample for other assays by measuring thermal stability, genetic fill, and purity of your vectors in one experiment.

Get high-quality data about your vector’s stability and behavior that enables you to make the right decisions for its development.

Expedite your decision-making with easy-to-interpret results from intuitive analysis software.

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Gain unprecedented insight into your gene therapy samples with four integrated technologies


Get information about vector size and purity with Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS)

Serotype your vectors and optimize their stability with nano-Differential Scanning Fluorimetry (nanoDSF)

Monitor the formation of large aggregates with Backreflection technology

Determine how much genetic material your vector contains with Static Light Scattering (SLS) and nanoDSF

And for the first time, monitor the thermal stability and purity of your samples with all these technologies in a single experiment, along an entire thermal ramp

Improve outcomes for your gene therapy vectors with stability and characterization profiling

Whether you’re early in the development process, optimizing your gene therapy vectors, or are concerned with long-term quality assessments, Prometheus Panta ranks your stability parameters and reveals the biophysical attributes of your viral vectors for gene therapy.

Thermal profiling with nanoDSF allows you to confirm batch-to-batch similarity in your AAV production scheme. Also, see how production changes affect the overall thermal stability of your preparations.

Find which formulation conditions provide the best stability to your vectors with nanoDSF and backreflection. Changes to the buffer or stabilizing mutations in viral particle proteins affect how long your products last in cold storage and how efficiently they deliver their genetic payload.

DLS shows you how clean your preparations are, so that you are confident you’re working with high-quality product. Insufficient clean-up processes can lead to unwanted byproducts that lead to lowered efficacy of your gene therapy products.

Both nanoDSF and SLS are tools to monitor the amount of genetic material a vector carries. Creating the perfect therapeutic vector requires you to not only optimize its capsid, but also determine if it has the necessary genetic payload.

SLS determines the molecular weight of your particles to ensure they have assembled correctly. Proper assembly of your AAVs is necessary for packaging your gene therapy products.

Prometheus Panta allows you to compare your preps throughout every step of the workflow, and ensure you’re working with a high-quality, stable product. Storage conditions have an impact on the efficacy of your gene therapy vectors.

See what parameters Prometheus Panta gives you, and how they help your gene therapy vector characterization




Tm (for 330 nm, 350 nm, and ratio)
Melting temperature, or point at which 50% is unfolded; higher Tm values represent more thermostable candidates

Tonset (for ratio)
Temperature at which unfolding begins; later onsets indicate greater stability

Ea (*parameter derived from data)
Activation energy of unfolding

Reversibility of unfolding
Point at which protein aggregation prevents re-folding




Temperature at which average particle size begins to increase; this parameter informs you about vector leakage, as well as overall capsid stability



Hydrodynamic radius shows size of a protein or vector in its solvated state

Polydispersity index represents distribution of size populations, and can be used to determine how pure a sample prep is



Diffusion interaction identifies impact on colloidal stability; particles that tend to self-associate are more prone to aggregation during storage




Molecular weight
Average molecular weight of all particles in solution



Temperature at which scattering intensity begins to change, indicating increased size and aggregation

Second virial coefficient used to extrapolate self-association behavior at higher concentrations




Onset temperature of large amorphous aggregates

Become more efficient with simultaneous measurements

The graph shows the output of a serotype experiment with full thermal denaturation, including fluorescence ratio data from nanoDSF, turbidity information with backreflection, size changes with DLS, and scattering information from SLS.

Obtaining results that enable efficient but sound decision-making gets more complicated when you have a limited amount of sample, but need to measure multiple parameters.

Prometheus Panta measures multiple parameters— Tm, Tturbidity, aggregation, and PDI — simultaneously, throughout a single thermal ramp. And it does this all while using just a few µL of sample, so you can save more for other downstream assays.

Exemplary data comes from superior engineering

Specialized optics enable better detection of sample fluorescence, resulting in more precise, accurate data.

Prometheus Panta captures precise Tm values ± 0.1 °C while other instruments offer values that vary as much as ± 1.5 °C. It has an unmatched resolution of ± 0.008 for F350/F330 ratios, which allows you to see even the most subtle unfolding events.

And for light scattering applications, Prometheus Panta offers unmatched reproducibility between measurements.

Your samples are loaded into capillaries that are in direct contact with the thermal element, permitting exemplary temperature control throughout the thermal ramp.

Be confident you’re working with the best quality vectors with precise, high-resolution data

Prometheus Panta supplies high-quality data to ensure you consistently deliver reliable results.

Design and run your experiments with control software that gives you modular assay set-up, so that you can screen lots of vectors. Select just a single experiment type or combine several assays to build full biophysical profiles of your AAVs.

Expedite your data analysis with software that makes ranking your critical parameters easy, and displays the data with a clean visual interface that’s easy to customize. Export your data in a variety of formats, whether you’re logging it in your electronic lab notebook or presenting results at a conference.

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