Service and maintenance options to suit your needs

You rely so much on your laboratory equipment to be running at optimal performance at all times. And, unexpected technical malfunctions can result in significant downtime and delays, costly repairs or even loss of sample.

Choose the type of service you want from a menu of service options or decide to custom design your own maintenance and repair plan. That way you’ll ensure your system is always well-maintained and properly running.


Performance Diagnostics

Have a Specialist check the calibration and performance of your system to make sure it meets factory specifications. Thorough testing is done to diagnose, identify and determine if any service or repair issues need to be addressed. Choose to have this done one or two times a year.


If your system isn’t performing to factory specifications, it will likely need to be repaired. Repair assistance can be done via telephone, remote diagnostics, service center, or on-site visit. Labor, parts and associated shipping are included.

Temporary Exchange Unit

If you choose this option and your system is under repair, a replacement system will be supplied during the repair period.

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