Now, you can subscribe to Tycho*

Why subscribe to an instrument? A subscription gets you a Tycho quickly, at a low recurring cost, and for however long you need it. No hidden costs, no surprises. Choose the subscription plan that works for you.
If subscribing isn’t for you and you’d rather purchase a Tycho the classical way, you can get a quote here.

Shooting Star

Need Tycho to shine for you, but only briefly? Want the flexibility to end your subscription any time? Then the monthly Shooting Star plan is perfect for you.

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Know you’ll want Tycho around for some time, like a steadily orbiting satellite? Get lower monthly fees as well as a constant supply of capillaries and support with the annual plan.

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Monthly fee

€ 1950

€ 1100


3 months minimum

After that, cancel monthly°

12 months minimum

After that, cancel annually#





Order here as you need

200 capillaries every 3 months, automatically delivered

Support & training via WebEx

Order hourly sessions as you need

1 hour every 3 months

Shipping, delivery & return

Need anything else? No problem!

For more consumables, order here.

For additional training, or something completely different like IQOQ, contact us at and we’ll find the best solution for you.

*Available in select countries (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom). For other countries, get in touch with us at and we’ll find a way to get Tycho to you.

°After the first 3 months, your subscription renews monthly. If you want to cancel, let us know 2 weeks before the subscription period ends.

#After the first 12 months, your subscription renews annually. If you want to cancel, let us know 2 weeks before the subscription period ends.

For more information, see our Instrument Subscription Terms and Conditions.

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It’s the quickest way to get Tycho§

§After hitting “Subscribe now”, our team will get back to you to arrange shipping and payment. Please allow a couple of days for that to happen. Your subscription will start with the arrival of Tycho in your lab. It usually takes us less than 7 days from receiving an order to dispatching an instrument.